FSGP'S ADSN Committee Collecting
Discrimination Narratives

  The Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia's Anti-Discrimination support network (ADSN) is collecting narratives highlighting instances of bigotry against the nontheist community. Please inform ADSN of any church/state separation violations that impacted you personally. Report discrimination against you as a nontheist in your work environment, social circle, and/or in your community. Submissions will be forwarded to the United Nations' committee on Freedom of Religion and Belief through Special Rapporteur, Professor Abdelfattah Amor. No story is too old to tell. No incident of discrimination is too minor. If you have experienced discrimination in the past or in the present, ADSN wants to hear from you.

ADSN is not interested in hearsay stories or anonymous submissions. Names,dates and complete facts substantiating claims of discrimination are necessary. Evidence of discrimination should be submitted with your narrative. Photos and other documents are welcome. ADS will send all participants a copy of the complete report when it is submitted to the United Nations committee.

Please attach your story to the form below. Contact ADSN if you have any questions.
Phone: (610) 793-2737. Fax (610) 793-2569.

Cut on Line
  Was your discrimination complaint reported to a government or advocacy agency? Yes: _____ No:____
  If so, what if any remedy was awarded to you?
  If not, are you planning to pursue your complaint through the courts, through the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), or through a state human relations commission?
Yes:___________ No: ____________
  Do you need ADSN to assist you with your complaint? Yes: ___________ No: _______________


Neatly typed reports would be appreciated. Send your submission to:

Anti-Discrimination Support Network, P.O. Box 242, Pocopson, PA 19366

Presented by the Humanist Action League